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It's time to TRULY connect with your crystals!

Are you ready to boost your crystal knowledge while nurturing your soul?


The Crystal Affinity Membership is what you've been looking for!

This membership will take you from crystals-curious to crystal-confident through intuitively-created crystal practices and guided meditations. Together we will take a deep dive every month into a new crystal, and you will learn all there is to know from how their unique energies can benefit you in your daily life to where they are formed in the Earth!


Not your average joy

The Crystal Affinity Membership isn't just any crystal membership! We purposely and intentionally select high-quality crystals for you to connect with each month. We go through hundreds of crystals and choose the best of the best. Why? Becuase you deserve it, both in the crystals you receive as well as your membership experience! And, our attention to detail doesn't stop here!


Connection is the key

Connection with your crystals, your physical, mental, and physical self, and your fellow crystal lovers, is at the heart of this membership (and our company!) Building strong, trustworthy, and safe bonds enable deep understanding, growth, and freedom! The Crystal Affinity Membership is a unique experience in that it's a crystal journey along the road less traveled - helping you to nurture your own spiritual growth, and in turn, supporting others' spiritual growth as well!


One for all and all for one

Being a part of the Crystal Affinity Membership opens the door for you to meet other crystal lovers who share the same desire to learn more about their crystals and themselves on a deeper level. One of the most amazing aspects of this membership is the family you become a part of when you join. Knowing that others have the same questions you do and desire a deeper connection with their crystals is so inspiring!

Yes! Sign Me up!

It's time for a transformational crystal journey!

Want to know what's so life-changing about connecting with your crystals?

Crystal Knowledge

Through intentionally connecting with your crystals, you will feel the energies and know the properties of each crystal you receive. As a result, you will be able to decide the best ways to work with them for any situation that presents itself!

Crystal Confidence

Before you even realize it, in your day-to-day life, you will feel confident in using each stone and crystal you have received and learned about. When the next life challenge presents itself, you’ll be ready to grab your crystal for support!


By connecting with the energy of crystals, you will develop a deeper connection with yourself, which will lead to a greater understanding of your strengths as well as areas that need more love, compassion, and healing!


During your crystal journey, you will enjoy the aha! moments - those amazing flashes of knowing - and the energetic releasing that happens while working closely with your stones & crystals and connecting with your inner self!


What's in the box?

Each month, you will participate in a unique crystal experience wrapped up in an intuitively-designed Crystal Affinity Membership box! You will take a deep dive into 1 stone or crystal as we guide you step-by-step on how to connect with it and how to work with and fully experience its energy. You will learn about it inside and out, and will come out of each month knowing, and more importantly, FEELING, how the crystal works with and for you! 


Let's check out all the goodness you will get each month!


High-quality Crystals

We hand-select each month's stone/crystal that you will use during your deep-dive exercises and practices!

Crystal Information Card

Each crystal comes with a full-color crystal information card that includes an image of the crystal, as well as a list of its properties and energy uses!

Custom-designed Sticker

A custom-designed sticker celebrating the energy of the month’s crystal! Use these stickers to personalize your water bottle or laptop!

Surprise Gift

Each gift is selected to specifically support you on your crystal journey for the month!  It could be jewelry, more crystals, or something interactive!

Guided Meditations

Live and pre-recorded meditations to help you get the most out of working with your crystals as well as foster a strong connection with yourself! 

Crystal Practices

Intuitively-designed exercises that will show you how to integrate crystals into your everyday life and support your spiritual growth!

Membership Portal

A dedicated and private site where you can view each month's material for the entirety of your membership!

Facebook Community

You will be granted access to a members-only Facebook community full of good energy and like-minded, heart-centered crystal lovers just like you! 

Discounts and Sales

Each month you'll receive a 15% discount code to use on our online store, $10 off a live monthly online workshop and an invite to a members-only online crystal sale!



We know! That is a lot of goodness you will have access to every single month!


This Sounds Amazing! SIGN ME UP!


The difference is in the details!

Every single detail of the Crystal Affinity Membership is purposeful and intentional. From the crystal we select each month, chosen for its unique energy, to the floral and scent elements, to the SBCo.-curated surprise gift, to the little extras we put in each box. This membership is truly a unique experience for all of your senses (including your sixth sense!). Are you ready to connect, awaken, and flourish?


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Use this text to showcase a review from one of your customers. A great review is honest and speaks to the concerns of your customers.

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Use this text to showcase a review from one of your customers. A great review is honest and speaks to the concerns of your customers.

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Only $58 per month

Our goal is to share the amazing benefits of crystals with as many souls as possible. We structured the membership pricing to do just that! Each month you will receive an intuitively-curated delivery at your front door valued at $144.

Are you ready to become part of the Crystal Affinity Membership family? (Psst...we're really a fun bunch!)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time should I expect to spend on this each week/month?

We know you have TONS to do! We have designed the crystal practices to be able to be done in less than 30 minutes at a time (sometimes it can be in 10 minutes!). We structured them this way so you can learn how to integrate your crystal practices into your everyday life. This way you will get to benefit from them regularly! 

Q:  I am just starting to learn about crystals, do I need to have a collection of them before I start? ​

Not at all! You will receive a different crystal each month (along with a whole box full of other goodies that pair with the energy of your crystal!

Q:  When will my Crystal Affinity Box ship and when will I have access to the membership portal?

If you sign up between the 1st and the 5th of the month, you will receive that month's box and it will be shipped within 2 business days of you signing up. If you sign up after the 5th, you will receive the next month's box, which will ship out the last week of the month.

Each month's learning material will be available on the Membership Portal the first of each month.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! There will be a shipping fee added to your monthly membership charge to cover international shipping. If you want to know how much it will be, please contact us at

Q:  How will the membership be charged, and can I cancel at any time?

When you sign up, you will be asked to enter your payment information. The payment information you entered will be used to automatically charge your membership rate on the same day each month. You can cancel at any time by emailing 

Q:  Can I share my membership with my friends or family?

No. You are purchasing access for you only. You can absolutely purchase another membership if you would like to gift it to a loved one!

Q. What type of crystal comes in the box?

We mostly include palm stones as they are a perfect shape to hold in your hand so you can easily connect and/or meditate with it. On occassion you will receive a cluster or different shaped crystal, depending on the type of crystal for that month (some crystals lend themselves to stay in natural form versus a polished shape.)

Q. Can I purchase previous boxes?

Yes! If you would like to purchase a prevoius Crystal Affinity Membership box, please email and we will work with you get the exact box you want!


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