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Shiva Eye Shell Companion Hearts

Shiva Eye Shell Companion Hearts


Shiva Eye Shells are stunning and magical calcified shells (the operculum of a sea snail). On its surface you will see swirls of black- and brown-hued bands, which sometimes reveal an eye shape. This shell works with the Third Eye Chakra and is treasured as an important transforming and divination aid; helping those who work with it find a new path to elevate their lives. Shiva Eye Shells enhance psychic abilities, intuition, extrasensory perception, mental imagery, and concentration. You can use this shell to help understand dreams or use it to ward off bad dreams and nightmares - just set your intention! The Shiva Eye Shell resonates sacred energy, via the Universal Mind, and enhances a direct connection to the Higher Self! We offer two sizes of this beautiful heart-shaped shell. Chakra Association: Third Eye Chakra Metaphysical Properties: Enhances Psychic Abilities / Helps Connect to Guides / Enables Connection with Higher Self / Supports Mental Focus Emotional Properties: Enables Courageous Decision-Making / Supports Restful Sleep / Helps to Banish Fears / Awakens a Sense of Adventure