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Mangano (Pink) Calcite Sphere #2

Mangano (Pink) Calcite Sphere #2


Mangano Calcite, also known as Pink Calcite, is a stone of peace and well-being. By enhancing the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra down into the Heart Chakra, Pink Calcite attracts events and opportunities to learn and experience Universal Love. Use this beautiful pink stone to boost self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as enhance compassion toward others. Mangano Calcite is beneficial for those enduring any type of emotional trauma; helping to clear the emotional center of stagnant or negative energies.

Calcite in itself is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser and can clear out stored negative energy from a room or the body. Use any type of Calcite to clear out old energy patterns and to increase personal motivation and drive. Calcite is also known as the "stone of the mind” as it heightens mental discernment and analysis, as well as increases memory and learning abilities. COOL TIDBIT: Mangano is UV-reactive. When you shine a UV light on it, the light pink color turns to a vibrant hot pink!

D: 2.5"

Chakras: Heart / Crown

Metaphysical Properties: Clears the Aura / Opens Heart to Universal Love / Enhances Compassion

Emotional Properties: Promotes Calmness / Supports Clear Thinking / Boosts Self-Esteem