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Kambaba Jasper Heart  #4

Kambaba Jasper Heart #4


Kambaba Jasper, a type of Stromolite, features fossilized colonies of blue green algae and primeval microorganisms - we're talking old here, folks! How cool is that? This is nature's stone of peace, tranquility, and nourishment. Kambaba Jasper has a natural balance of dark and light, similar to our own humanity. Everyone has a light side and a dark side that needs to be acknowledged, respected, and understood. This beautiful stone connects with the Heart Chakra and encourages you to love yourself on a deeper, more personal level. 

Chakras: Root / Heart

Metaphysical Properties: Aligns Emotional, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Bodies with Etheric Realm / Enables Grounding during Meditation / Eliminates Negative Energy in Aura / Protects against Energies that Destabilize or Weaken

Emotional Properties: Encourages Happiness / Activates the Law of Abundance / Encourages Balance and Restoration of Mind and Body / Dispels Harmful Thoughts