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Green Aventurine Companion Hearts

Green Aventurine Companion Hearts


Green Aventurine is a harmonizer of the heart and it is the premier stone for attracting luck and abundance. So much so, that over the years, this stone has received the nickname of “The Stone of Opportunity.” The energy of this crystal is unique, due to its amazing ability to open up your Heart Chakra, take you by the hand, and energetically walk you through unresolved emotional issues and hardships with confidence. Working through past traumas allows new opportunities to come forward and manifest. Thanks Green Aventurine!

This phenomenal green quartz with sparkly mica inclusions puts out an upbeat vibration that amplifies your natural leadership qualities, sense of humor, and ability to receive new ideas. The stone’s various green hues enable you to connect to Mother Earth and feel her loving energy. Here’s a great tip: Wear Green Aventurine and/or keep a stone with you daily, as this green wonder can absorb electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution!

Chakra: Heart

Metaphysical Properties: Brings Good Luck / Expands Universal Knowledge / Supports the Law of Abundance / Encourages Harmony throughout the Body / Enables Connection with Devic and Nature Realms 

Emotional Properties: Protects the Heart / Attracts Love / Enables Emotional Healing / Reduces Stress and Tension / Supports a Positive Outlook