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*Crystal Affinity Membership Gift Subscription
*Crystal Affinity Membership Gift Subscription
*Crystal Affinity Membership Gift Subscription
*Crystal Affinity Membership Gift Subscription

*Crystal Affinity Membership Gift Subscription


Do you know someone in your life who is ready to take the next steps on their crystal journey, or to deepen their connection with their crystals as well as themselves, or maybe even looking to increase their crystal knowledge?

Well, we've got the best gift for you to give...a Crystal Affinity Membership Gift Subscription!

The Crystal Affinity Membership is designed to help people go further into working with the energies of crystals! Each month, the Crystal Affinity member will take a deep dive into 1 crystal. They will learn about it inside and out and will come out of it knowing, and more importantly, FEELING, how the crystal works with them. How cool is that?! 

Check out all the goodness the Crystal Affinity Membership Gift Subscription contains:

  • Access to in-depth digital content specific to the crystal of the month (videos, meditations, intuitively-designed exercises, and a downloadable exercise support guide)!
  • Access to an online community full of good energy that is made up of like-minded and heart-centered crystal lovers!
  • A monthly gift box containing 
    • A hand-selected, high-quality crystal to use during your deep-dive exercises
    • A full-color crystal information card that includes an image of the month's crystal, as well as a list of its properties and energy uses! 
    • A collectible commissioned art print that celebrates the energy of the crystal of the month! 
    • Two custom-designed stickers, which support the energy of the month's crystal!
    • A special SURPRISE gift specifically curated to support the recipient on their crystal journey for the month!  

This experience will be an amazing one for whoever receives this gift subscription no matter how long they have been working with crystals! 

IMPORTANT: Once you place your order, you will receive an email from with a form to collect the gift recipient's email and shipping address.